Robotic surgery

What is robotic surgery?

Robotic systems are used to support the surgeon, offering them more flexibility and control when they’re performing operations that require maximum precision using a minimally invasive approach.

Unlike traditional open or keyhole surgery, the surgical instruments are introduced through tiny incisions on the abdomen. Meanwhile, small motors translate the surgeon's hand movements into precise movements inside the human body.

How does the robotic surgical system work?

The robotic system consists of several components:

  • There’s the patient cart which holds and moves the instruments and video camera.
  • Then there’s the surgeon console from which the instruments can be steered remotely.
  • Finally, there’s the vision cart – the "brain" of the robot – which processes all the visual and motor information going through the system.

It's all about precision

Because it’s more difficult to achieve high precision with smaller movements, the robotic system allows the surgeon to make bigger, more accurate movements at the console. These are then translated into 10x smaller movements at the tip of the instruments.

The instruments also provide greater dexterity and rotation compared to that of a human hand.

This means that when carrying out delicate procedures, such as operating near big blood vessels, or removing small amounts of cancerous tissue, the surgeon can guarantee high precision and greatly reduce the margin of error.

Da vinci robot console hands Da vinci robot console hands

Does it improve outcomes?

With more than 30,000 scientific papers published on robotic surgery, an increasing body of evidence has emerged highlighting benefits of robotic surgery. The recently published robotic versus laparoscopic surgery for middle and low rectal cancer (REAL) study, concluded that cancers were removed more completely when using robotic surgery.

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